Christina Marie Phillips

Christina Marie Phillips
Summertime Fun!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Mommy and Daddy dressed me up as a lady bug.  I'm not sure what a lady bug is, but I sure look cute!

Watching TV

Mommy gave me control of the TV and I watched while sucking on my pacifier, my new friend!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I went to my first pumpkin patch today.  Not really sure what that is all about.  But, mommy and daddy bought a pumpkin and they said they were going to carve it and I could help.  I'm sure mommy will take pictures of that too!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Check me out, I'm 2 months old!

I weighed 10 lbs 10 ounces at my check up.   I still like to sleep.  But meet my new friend Quiggly Quackmeyer!  (named by Auntie Amanda)

My first time on a boat

We finished our first family vacation with a trip to Lake Lanier on the houseboat.  I slept really well on the boat.  After that, we went to my first Auburn Game.  Well, memaw Betsy and my mommy switched places, so I didn't get to go to the game, but I tailgated.  

Meeting George at the Lake

Hanging out on the boat.

Eating dinner with Sharon, Mark and Danielle.  Oh the comments we received.

Hanging out with my new friends Lori and Carmen.  Carmen held me while my parents ate dinner and then danced to a DJ.  

My first sink bath at the lake.

Tailgating in Auburn with the McVeighs!

Meeting Dr. Uncle Joseph for the first time.  (soon to be Dr.  he finishes soon!)

Aunite Amanda and I have lots of fun making faces!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Meeting the Barnett Girls

I got to meet mommy's goddaughters this trip.  You may remember the Barnett girls from mommy and daddy's wedding.  They were the flower girls.  Look how pretty we all look!

Mandal Pipe

Look at me, I'm helping Papaw sell pipe!  I'm such a cute sales girl!

My first family vacation

Mommy and daddy are so cool.  They took me on my first road trip.  I had to pack a lot of stuff to go on my trip.  We drove to Orange Beach and had some fun in the sun.  Then we drove to Atlanta where mommy is from and I got to meet lots and lots of new people.  
All my stuff for vacation.  I do not travel light!

The new car is packed and ready to go!

Fun in the sun!  (well, I was really in the shade)

Taking a dip in the hot tub that wasn't really that hot!

Daddy, Papa, and Uncle Lou Lou chilling with Tina Toe Shoes

Meeting Cousin Jeff

Meeting Cousin Jill

Meeting Mrs. Lynn at the office

Meeting Katie Beirne

Meeting Mr. Jamie Bierne who is a natural!

Meeting Mrs. Ann Wolverton